What Ontario Equine Elevations can do for you...

We offer a variety of services all geared to helping people learn in a new and exciting way. 

We teach Equestrian based skills proven to help people make a personal connection and grow spiritually and emotionally as a human being.

We offer:

Horseback Riding Lessons
Non-competitive horseback riding lessons are provided in a fun family atmosphere.

Modified Horsemanship Lessons
This is an unmounted program that provides a learning experience in the care, communication, and exercising of the horse from the ground. Appropriate for those who do not feel comfortable mounting a horse for any reason.

Equine Assisted Learning
EAL is an unmounted program using the horse as a teacher to enhance life skills and development. Participants and horse go through a series of obstacles promoting communications, confidence, trust, etc. These programs are typically based on a curriculum.

Birthday Party Packages
Available on premises. Horse and pony games are offered.

All programs are offered to all skill levels and ages. We also buy and sell and lease horses and ponies.

For more information about our services and our prices please contact us. 

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